Away goes Small with New Daily Carry-On Case

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Away Daily Carry-On with Pocket

Away Travel has launched its latest travel case, the Daily Carry-On. This case is now the smallest in the Away range and is a modern take on what many of us would refer to as a Pilots case.

The new Daily Carry-On case looks perfect to bridge the gap between a daily commute and a short business trip.

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From the outside, despite the smaller than normal size, there is no mistaking this case as a member of the Away range of luggage.

Shaped in the same polycarbonate shell and styled with the horizontal ridges, only the shape differs. At the front is a nylon front pocket similar to those found on The Carry-On models.

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Inside of this front pocket is a padded sleeve which can take up to a 13″ notebook. There is a second section within the sleeve for documents but nothing to large in overall size.

…the latest addition to our lineup is perfect for business trips, weekends getaways, and everything in between.

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Case Details

The exterior is finished with the many features current Away users have become accustomed too. A TSA-Compliant zipper lock, leather detailing around the zipper lines and those 8 super smooth 360º spinner wheels.

At the top is a carry strap placed just in front of the 3 phase telescopic pull handle. It is here that current Carry-On owners might be used to finding their ejectable battery pack.

Strangely, Away has omitted this feature from the very case I would have thought served the most purpose based on the type of travel expected from it! There is no battery pack!

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A Big Interior for a Small Case

The case opens in a clam-shell style to reveal a storage area on either side with the main compartment benefiting from a compression panel and straps.

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When not in use these can lay flat against the shell to create a more open space if required. The total internal storage space has a 36.9L capacity.

In the centre is a removable ‘Accordion Storage divider’. When attached to the centre of the case it can hold up to a 15″ notebook. The divider provides some organised storage space to the case which has only a large mesh pocket on the non-compression side.

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<em>Removable Accordion Style divider for organised storage Image Away<em>


The new Away Daily Carry-On will be practical for your usual commute to the office or a quick 1-2 day business trip.

Although padded, I would not want to store my notebook or tablet in the front pocket. However, space is divided and can be used for travel documents, magazines and any item that’s not too bulky.

  • Dimensions – 42 x 44 22.8cm
  • Weight – 3.7kg
  • Capacity – 36.9L
  • Colour Options – Black or Navy
  • 360º Spinner Wheels
  • TSA Approved Combination Lock
  • 2 Laptop Compartments
  • Removable Interior
How Much Does the Away Daily Carry-On with Pocket Cost?

The new Daily Carry-On with pocket is $245/£245/€265 direct from the Away website.

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Are you an Away fan? How would the new Daily Carry-On help or fit into your travel requirements? Could it replace a standard-sized carry-on?

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  1. I’ve been looking into purchasing new luggage and have heard so many great things about Away! I’ve been very interested in purchasing their bigger carry on because I might have an over-packing problem, but this smaller piece would be perfect for my husband since he’s always taking quick work trips. Thank you for sharing!

    • I’m with you on the overpacking problem with carry-ons.

      Away are flying at the moment. It’s hard to catch a flight without someone having an Away case on board.

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