News: Flak Sack Sport – LocTotes New Lightweight “Safe”.



No sooner had I included the original Flak Sack in this years list of Best Festival Tech for 2017 than they launch their next iteration of the indestructible drawstring Backpack!




Flak Sack Sport

Last year I previewed the innovative Flak Sack from LocTote.  Designed to “accommodate the lifestyles of people on the go who need their essentials with them, but are not able to be constantly looking after them“.  Now LocTote are back with a new offering for those with a more active lifestyle!




Whats New

The big change here is the weight and an improved level of water-resistance.  The Sport weights in at 25% less than the original, but does drop a little in storage space (original 13l v Sport 12l).  In size terms that’s going from a bag that holds a 15″ laptop down to a 13″ laptop.

Secondly, the water-resistant outer is enhanced thanks to the internal lining being made from urethane coated nylon; providing a second layer of water protection.  Although I would not recommend fully submerging the Flak Sack Sport, you can be sure it will keep your kit dry from downpours and mother nature in general!




Why Flak Sack?

If you are unfamiliar with the Flak Sack range, they are a series of Drawstring Backpacks that have used some of the most robust materials available to secure your items.

The outer bag will not tear on you, will not wear like normal backpacks and is slash proof thanks to the “blend of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)”.  This leaves just the drawstring opening at the top for access to the bag, but even this is not a weak spot for theft!

The locking strap that secures this has a patented steel cable within it, so once locked, it would take time and a fairly big set of bolt cutters to get through it!




The security does not stop on the outide! There is an internal pocket some of your digital information:


Protect against RFID theft & electronic pick-pocketing. Our bags include a large internal pocket lined with a certified RFID blocking material to effectively shield contactless credit cards, passports, smart cards and key cards from unauthorized scanning.





The Flack Sack Sport is $89 direct from LocTote.  If you prefer others in the range, then the Original retails at $129 and the Coalition has been sold out for a while, but you can sign up here for updates.



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