TECH Special: Best Festival Tech for 2017


With the Festival Season now underway across Europe I’ve been looking at some of the best Tech to have with you this summer.


Snap Spectacles

These will be the must have gadget this year.  Having only just gone on sale in Europe at the start of June, after an US launch last year, the Spectacles from Snap are the perfect way to capture and share your experience!


I ran a full preview during the launch week, but if you are unfamiliar with them, they are social sunglasses that connect to your smartphone!  Powered by the Snapchat app the Spectacles capture 10 second bursts of video, and can handle around 100 of them on a full charge.  There is no need to worry about power either as the case they come in can full recharge them in just 90 Mins!

Once Synced to your phone they are easy to operate.  Just wear them as normal, push once to record, and again to stop. Easy!  There are LED lights on one side to let others know that you are recording and also to indicate the remaining battery life.

You can order the Spectacles online for £129 or hunt down one of the Snapbots popping up around Europe!

CHJGD Magnum Opus Power Bank

If you are not lucky enough to snag some space at one of the recharge points that are at most festivals these days, then you are going to need your own power!  CHJGD are one of the UK leading brands in portable power and have a device perfect for a long weekend “Off-Grid”.


The Magnum, is the flagship power bank from CHJGD and ticks all the boxes for a 4 day festival weekend away.  The 21,000mAh battery has enough power to provide:

  • 7 x iPhone 6s (full charges)
  • 5 x Samsung Galaxy S6
  • 4-5 x Samsung Galaxy S7
  • 3-4 x iPhone 7plus

The Quick Charge technology means it can deliver an 80% charge to most handsets within 35 minutes!  There is an LCD display on the front that informs you of the remaining power and on top you will find a small torch, which is always handy when camping!

The Magnum comes in Black or White, both in a gloss finish, and is currently cheapest on Amazon at £32 and is Prime Eligible!

Flak Sack from LocTote

Whether to carry with you or store items back in your tent, you will need a bag for your valuable belongings and gadgets.  One that keeps them all secure and gives you peace of mind.


The Flak Sack from LocTote, is a slash resistant, water-resistant, lockable, RFID blocking, uncuttable drawstring backpack, that every festival goer will need.

I previewed the bag last year, since then  it has completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and been on ABCs Shark Tank.  It does have a high price point, but when you consider the value of the items it will secure, it becomes more of an insurance policy!

The LocTote Flak Sack is $149 direct from LocTote.

Festival Ready App by Victorinox

Although only available on iOS, this app is still worthy of a mention.  It is the “Swiss Army knife” of Festival Apps, which is just as well as that is who has released it, Victorinox.


Once you log in via Facebook, which is used to identify you and your friends, the app opens up a whole host of tools!

3D Navigation
Sound Flare
Ticker Messaging
Live Weather
Packing Checklist
Festival Camping Tips
Festival Protect Range

In the 3D Navigation, or mapping, mode you can locate your friends at the festival, drop pins to help you locate your tent or key locations once you have left them and even help yourself know where about you are!

The Festival Ready App is free in the Apple App Store.

*For more Apps have a look at my 2016 Festival App Guide, most are still relevant for this year.

TrackR Pixel

One of the fastest ways to ruin your festival is to lose your phone, purse/wallet or any other valuable.  The easiest way to help avoid this, is with a Bluetooth Tracker.


The Pixel by TrackR has an added edge over other trackers; several bright LEDs wrapped in clear solid plastic, around the rim of the device.  Making it easier to locate your missing items in a dark tent!

When out and about, lost items can be located either by Bluetooth if still in range, or by Crowd Locate.  If other Trackr users are near your missing item, their handsets will pick up its signal and notify you of its whereabouts!

Alternatively, you can create a group with your friends and use the Pixel to locate each other.  No matter what, you need this on any valuable items you might have with you.

TrackR Pixel is $24 for one or $99 for a four pack.


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