A new collaboration has been announced between RIMOWA and London based luxury accessory brand Chaos resulting in two limited edition Cabin case styles, a whole range of accessories, and one of the best luggage harness I’ve seen.

rimowa chaos limited edition cabin cases. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Limited Edition Chaos Cabin Cases // Image RIMOWA.

RIMOWA x Chaos Limited Edition

In its latest collaboration, RIMOWA has partnered with Chaos, a relatively new must-have accessory brand from London. It has inspired two new Cabin case designs, a range of Italian made accessories, and what appears to be one of the most practical luggage harnesses I’ve seen for a while.

The Cabin case itself remained unchanged in this new RIMOWA x Chaos Limited Edition with 36L capacity and made from a Polycarbonate shell with the iconic RIMOWA grooves.

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Chaos has provided two new colour schemes; Saffron Yellow & White and Cactus Green & Black. Both styled as paint running down the outside of the Cabin case, which RIMOWA says “provides an uplifting pop of colour”.

On the outside of the Cabin case, the external handles and wheels are synced to match the colour schemes and come with a matching leather luggage tag and sticker set.

RIMOWA and CHAOS colour scheme for Cabin Carry-On case. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Front/Back Chaos inspired Cabin Cases // Image RIMOWA.

Luggage Harness

A new piece to come from the Chaos collaboration and new to RIMOWA for this Limited Edition set is the Luggage Harness. This ‘backpack’ for your carry-on is made from satin nylon strapping and is fastened to the outside of the Cabin case to provide quick access to any items you want without needing to open the case up.

At the front is two zipper pockets, a small and a large, finished with a RIMOWA x Chaos patch, and on the back are two open-top mesh pouches. The Pouches are slim and deep, perfect for a water bottle, whereas the zipped pockets are wide roomy for bulkier items.

On either side, the panel that sits against the case, behind the pockets and pouches, are a full length zipped pocket for a laptop and/or tablet.

Luggage harness for carry-on case. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Chaos Luggage Harness on Cabin Carry-On // Image RIMOWA.

I love this idea and design. Personally, I always try to be a Carry-on case only traveller with my backpack but still get stuck at security needing to get certain items out. The RIMOWA x Chaos harness would keep all of those items to hand without the need for opening either my case or backpack up.

Tags & Stickers

Completing this new Limited edition range is a selection of RIMOWA x Chaos luggage tags & charms, and stickers. There are over 20 uniquely designed tags ranging from bold, bright solid colours to airport code tags and some rather funky designs, all inspired by Chaos and are meant to really personalize your luggage.

The same can be said for collecting six vibrant stickers, including a ‘Priority’ logo and ‘Hands Off’ Warning and are likely going to be popular at just $10 each.

Rimowa luggage tags and charms. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
London inspired tag // Image RIMOWA.

RIMOWA x Chaos Limited Edition Pricing

The RIMOWA x Chaos Limited Edition series will be released on June 3rd, worldwide, at rimwoa.com.

  • Cabin Case Carry-On $950
  • Luggage Harness $490
  • Italian Made Luggage Tags $115
  • RIMOWA x Chaos Luggage Charms $190
  • Limited Edition Case Stickers $10

Tom Says…

Whilst the Cabin designs are certainly unique and colourful, the style of these new Limited Edition RIMOWA x Chaos cases may not be for everyone. On the other hand, the Luggage Strap looks like it will be a useful addition to any savvy hand-luggage only traveller who prefers to be organised and fly through airport security.

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