Recycling Looks Good with the Targus EcoSmart Backpack

Targus EcoSmart backpack. {Tech} for Travel.

Targus EcoSmart Backpack

In an era where all of us are under pressure to be more aware of our impact on the planet brands such as Targus have taken up the challenge of using recycled materials in their products. The new Balance EcoSmart range & Backpack proves this isn’t a bad as you may think!

Containing 70% of recycled materials, the backpack was on show at #IFA2019 and is 1 of 7 EcoSmart products in the range.

A backpack made of over 70% recycled materials. {Tech} for Travel.
EcoSmart 2018 Backpack // Image Targus.


Looking at the EcoSmart backpack you could never tell that it has been made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Even the zips are made from a nickel-free recycled compound.

Targus has responded to the plastic waste challenge by developing a versatile and minimalistic range of backpacks and cases made from recycled PET that still deliver durability, protection and organisation.


Thanks to the materials used to form the body, the EcoSmart Backpack holds its shape nicely whilst not being a stiff fabric. On the outside are two accessible quick stuff pockets and not one but two strong and sturdy side handles.

Targus is selling this as an optional way for carrying the backpack. Either in the normal over the shoulders way. Or, as a carry case down by your side.

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Most backpacks have a single grab handle at the top so having a second on the side, and equally as robust, is a good choice to have.

backpack airflow system. {Tech} for Travel.
Plenty of features on the 2018 EcoSmart Backpack // Image Targus.

At the rear is an airflow mesh on the back panel. As the EcoSmart has been ergonomically designed to sit well on your body and evenly share the weight, the Mesh pads make for a more comfortable wear.

Suspension is Key

Targus has applied some serious thought to the shoulder straps, and more importantly, where they connect at the top of the backpack. Many manufacturers never give this enough thought and it’s here most packs break.

On the EcoSmart, the padded straps are not attached to the connection point of the top pack and should handle heavier weights in the pack better.

The suspension theme carries on into the interior for your laptop and/or tablet.

EcoSmart backpacks come in two sizes but with all the same features. A small size to fit up to 14″ notebook and a larger pack for up to 15.6″ devices.

Both models contain the Targus SafePort® Sling Plus Laptop Compartment. This suspended compartment within the backpack provides protection to your notebook if you drop the pack.

suspended shoulder straps. {Tech} for Travel.
A smarter way to carry your belongings // Image Targus.
Internal Storage

Inside, the 14″ pack has 18L of internal storage and the larger 15.6″ model has a 24L capacity.

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The front panel unzips to an array of pockets and pouches for your everyday belongings. This area is completed with a mesh pocket for bulkier items such as power adapters.

At the rear are the laptop compartment and additional storage space area.

Overall the EcoSmart backpack is water-resistant and comes with the Targus Lifetime warranty!

targus ecosmart 15.6" backpack open. {Tech} for Travel.
The 2018 model has pockets for most devices & gadgets // Image Targus.


I’m eager to see how the suspended padded shoulder strap system will work in reducing the weight on my back.

There is plenty of internal storage space and pockets for various devices but it’s the external ones that cause a little concern.

With two quick stuff pockets easily accessible to others when being worn, I wouldn’t place anything of to much value in them.

  • Dimensions//Weight
    • 14″ Model – 29 x 14 x 43.2cm // 1.09kg
    • 15.6″ Model – 31.8 x 47 x 16cm // 1.23kg
  • Colour Options – Black Only
  • Capacity – 18L/24L
  • Targus Lifetime Warranty
  • SafePort® Sling Plus Laptop Compartment
  • Mesh back panel with Air Flow Design
How Much Does the Targus EcoSmart Backpacks Cost?

The new EcoSmart range will be released in 2020 with more details to follow once the date has been confirmed.

If you would like to shop from the current range, it’s available at your local store. Some models do vary by market.

For the EcoSmart backpacks:

  • 14″ Model is £59.99
  • 15.6″ Model is £69.99/$99.99

Prime members can make use of their benefits and shop the EcoSmart range at Amazon.

// Media Targus Global YouTube Channel.
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