Mother’s Day Specials: Add a Touch of Luxury to Her Travels


This year, why not ditch the flowers, chocolate and mildly humorous cards and instead treat your mum to something a bit special.

I have hand-picked some items that are sure to impress!

MAHI Leather – The Stockholm iPad Sleeve

If you thought, made to order leather luggage and accessories would be an expensive luxury, then take a look at MAHI.  They provide a range of premium luggage at a fraction of the price.


The Stockholm sleeve can fit any tablet device, not just an iPad.  Thanks to the unique way MAHI operate, you provide your device details at the time of order and their craftsmen tailor to suit.

“Protect your tablet in style with The Stockholm iPad/Tablet Sleeve. Suitable for all tablet models, the sleek design ensures your device can be easily carried solo or placed inside your satchel, handbag or travel case.”


If you wish to personalise the sleeve, you can select up to 4 characters to be embroidered into the bottom left hand corner.

Even the turn around time for a custom-made leather sleeve is impressive.  They estimate 1 business day for it to be crafted (2 if you select for it to personalised).  Then 4 days for express shipping!


There is another reason to gift a MAHI product this Mothers Day.  For every bag sale made, MAHI donate $1.50 to a UK Charity called FRANK Water (Registered Charity No. 1121273).  The charity works to provide safe, clean drinking water and has done so for more than 300,000 people since 2005.

MAHI put their Mission Statement before their products on the website, which is a rarity in today’s consumer focused market, which is worth pointing out!

We think consumers get a raw deal from high street stores and expensive designer brands. That’s because numerous middlemen along the way inflate prices while contributing very little to the end product.

This means higher prices for you, less money for the craftsmen, and ultimately, poor value for money.

MAHI’s mission: To connect consumers with craftsmen, offer unmatched value, and hopefully do some good along way.


The MAHI Stockholm iPad sleeve is £33 in either a brown or cream stitching (£43 if you opt to personalise) plus shipping, direct from MAHI.  Every item ships with a complimentary dust cover and 30 day money-back guarantee.

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