News: LocTote Flack Sack II.


In 2016 I previewed the LocTote Flack Sack; a drawstring Backpack that has a range of features designed to deter and stop would be thieves from getting your belongings, it was billed as ‘a Portable Safe‘!

Two years on, and after several attempts to copy their design by other companies, a Sports version, 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns AND a done deal on the ABC TV Show ‘Shark Tank’ an all New Backpack is ready!




Flack Sack II

I’ll be honest and say I was a little apprehensive when I saw the email advising me of the Flack Sack II.  Could there be enough changes or enhancements to justify an all new Backpack?  It turns out there are!!




The big improvement comes to the fabric on the outside of the backpack.  Gone is the double Layer of UHMWPE fabric and is replaced by LocTotes own exclusive FLAKnit™️ Slash-proof material.  Despite its near indestructible qualities it appears to remain soft enough to sit on your back as you would expect a drawstring backpack to do so!


“FLAKnit™ fabric is the result of an innovative coalition consisting of LOCTOTE ®,   Honeywell® – the leading innovator of high-performance fiber, and   Tuff-N-Lite – the smartest and craziest textile mad scientists we could find. Together, we started with a blank canvas and set out to develop proprietary yarns and knitting methods to create the toughest, most slash resistant textile available to the consumer market — a textile so ridiculously tough that only its own mother could love it! After dozens of failures (too heavy, too stiff, too hard, too rough, too stretchy, too fuzzy, etc.), a lot of testing, and a small fortune in dulled knife blades, FLAKnit™ emerged. It takes durable slash-resistant products to a whole new, and almost ridiculous, level. This textile achieves ANSI/ISEA 105 cut level A9 – the highest level there is!”





There are further re-inforced sections of the bag with the seams, stitching, closing multi-loop and locking strap all being upgrade to UHMWPE!  So from the outside, no one is getting in without your permission!

Inside there is a new grey lining which makes a world of difference when you are trying to find items at the bottom of your backpack.  This is a design feature many brands are starting to introduce (lighter interior colour scheme to the outer colour) and with the new Flack Sack, it brings with it some additional storage.

The original RFID blocking pocket remains, but is joined by an extra two storage pouches for better management of your kit.



The strengthened locking strap returns to allow you to lock the backpack from the top when in transit or even lock it to a table, or any other un-stealable object, with the supplied combination lock.

For me a drawstring backpack like this is a must have for those going on a gap year or extended backpacking trip.  It can flat pack into a large case and be used when needed.  Whether for a day trip into town, a day at the beach or even to secure your bigger case to something while your back is turned.

It really could be a long-term travellers best friend!  The original even made my ‘Best Festival Tech’ list for 2017.  The Flack Sack II will surely replace it for this year!





As with the original, the Flack Sack II can comfortably fit a 15″ notebook inside, but without the foam padding and straps on most other backpacks it would not be something I would want to move around in!  But phones, purse/wallet, keys, tablets and any other personal belongings with value – it might just be the safest place for them!

  • Dimension – 18″ x 14″
  • Capacity – 13l
  • Colour Options – Black (there will be more options released at a later date)
  • Double Steel reinforced UHMWPE lock strap
  • Combination Lock
  • Sternum Strap
  • RFID Protected Internal Pocket



The Flack Sack II Drawstring Backpack is on sale now direct from LocTote for $149.


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