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The following review is part of the Back to Business special.


Charged Power Ultra Compact Power

For me, Charged Power or CHJGD, are a breath of fresh air in the Portable Power market.  Where most offer rather bland or generic-looking devices, CHJGD is mixing things up a little.

Their Ultra Compact range has six uniquely designed 10,000mAh power banks for you to choose from and the hardware backs up the bold images.



It was not by mistake that the Ferrari-inspired CHJGD Power Bank was at the heart of the promotional images for the Back to Business Special.  Everything I tested and reviewed for it, at some point, powered by this pack….. even the iPad Pro 12.9!

The Ultra Compact series are palm-sized battery packs for any device that can be charged by USB and weighs less than most Smartphones.  I mostly commute with a Backpack but have had no trouble taking the Ultra Compact out in my pocket.


In the box,  the device comes with a slimline Micro USB to USB cable and a Micro USB to Lightening adapter!!  These adapters are £19 alone direct from Apple!  A nice touch is the magnetic connectors on the cable.  This allows for easier and safer storage.

The soft-touch outer casing gives the pack a nice finish and provides a surprisingly grippy surface.  All the ports and LEDs are on just one side.  The Micro USB is for charging the power pack, and the USB port is for charging your devices.  The 4 blue LEDs indicate the amount of power remaining.

As long as there is power in the Ultra-Compact, when you attach it to your device, the auto start kicks in.  I had no trouble with this, and the power pack even performed better than expected!

As I stated earlier, I used the Ultra Compact to power the Back to Business Special devices.  From full, the CHJGD managed to charge; 4 x Blackberry KEYone, 6 x Anker Soundcore, 6 x Fitbit Ionic.  With the iPad Pro, it delivered power but not on the scale of the others.  It works with devices that size but only for an emergency and will be slower!

Charge up the Ultra Compact on a Sunday, pop it in your bag Monday morning, and you will not be caught short without power for the whole week!



Despite being only slightly bigger than a credit card, the technology in the Ultra Compact is plentiful!

  • Dimensions 93 x 63 x 19 mm
  • Weight 180g
  • High Speed Charging Capability
  • Advanced Safety System to Prevent Overheating
  • Auto Start
  • 4 LEDs to indicate Charging/Battery Life Remaining
  • Choice of Six Designs


We believe that power banks do not have to be boring that’s why we’ve created exquisitely designed and soft to the touch power banks to unleash your inner style icon.

– Charged Power.


The Charged Power Ferrari Ultra Compact 10,000mAh Power Bank is £24.99 (currently out of stock) direct from CHJGD, where you can purchase the full range.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then four of the six Ultra compact models are eligible for next day delivery, with prices starting at £16.99!  The series consists of; Ferrari, American Rose, Bulldog, Lamborghini, Marilyn Monroe and Sunflower Mosaic.


Final Thoughts

If at any point you feel these might lean more towards the novelty market, then you’re mistaken.  They really are good-looking devices that perform great!  I also reviewed the smaller CHJGD Kaset range for Father’s Day, and that got plenty of attention for the right reasons!

The Ultra Compact model is the perfect size and power for a personal charging solution when on the go.  It is small and light enough to sit in your pocket and has more than enough power to see you through the day and it looks great when you take out to charge your device!

My only complaint would be the single USB charging port! I’d welcome a second slot for dual charging, but that is not a show-stopper.  The artwork on each catches the eye, and they will keep your tech running all day long!

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