So, You’re Under Hotel Quarantine for 14 Days – A Tech Survival Guide


Some frequent travellers could well take a 14-day hotel quarantine & lockdown in their stride, while others may dread it. This got me thinking about how I would cope and what tech I’d want with me while I am room-bound and awaiting the all-clear test results, and so I have pulled together my Tech Survival Guide.

If you’ve been lucky enough to travel or had to do so for an emergency or work, you’ll most likely be facing an enforced hotel quarantine for up to 14 days! Just this week, the UK Government has started to put travellers arriving from 33 Red listed countries into a mandatory hotel quarantine for a 10 day period.

This Tech Guide is a list of devices, apps and luggage I’d want if I were travelling to a country that is currently enforcing hotel quarantine rules on arrival.

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Tech Guide to Survive a Hotel Quarantine

1. Activ5 Portable Gym $129 | £131

I first discovered & reviewed the Activ5 last year and since then its been one of the most visited reviews on the site. It has almost been built just for this situation. Staying active and motivated whilst in quarantine is going to be difficult but the Activ5 portable gym has plenty of workouts and muscle exercises, all of which can be done in even the smallest of hotel rooms.

It comes with a free to download app (Android | Apple) and then works offline with your mobile device. The built-in pressure pad works with the app to give your whole body a workout whilst in a confined space.

Best place to Buy: Amazon $129 | £131

2. Bose Sleepbuds 2 $249 | £229

Some people are lucky enough to fall asleep when and wherever they want, whilst others only home will do. With the thought of facing up to 14 nights in a hotel room with little chance to move rooms, or upgrade, you will have little control over your neighbours.

The new Bose Sleepbuds 2 are designed to be worn when sleeping and has now been clinically proven to help users fall asleep faster. They deliver noise-masking tracks for up to 10-hours which block out external noises and promote a more relaxing environment.

Best Place to Buy: (US) Bose & (EU) Amazon $249 | £229

3. Skyroam Solis Lite £119

Skyroam make some of the best, and most desirable, 4G Wi-Fi hotspots for travel. And, although its premium model, the Solis X, topped my Best Travel Gadgets for 2020 list, it’s the Skyroam Solis Lite that will be a must-have companion for anyone in a hotel quarantine stay.

The Solis Lite will get you online at 4G LTE speeds, is suitable for streaming and will keep you off the hotels unsecured, and probably very slow, Wi-Fi network. There are data plans starting from as little as $6, the Lite works in over 130 countries and can support up to 10 devices connected at any one time.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon $119 | £119

4. Lenovo YOGA C940 $899 | £999

Lenovo has a huge selection of 2-in-1 devices; full-sized laptops that fold down into a tablet. If I were facing a 2-week hotel room lockdown, I’d be looking to the Lenovo YOGA C940 as my main work & entertainment hub in one. It has a 14″ UHD Touchscreen display, Windows 10 operating system, a built-in stylus for digital creatives when in tablet mode and a market-leading Lenovo keyboard.

But, the feature that sets the YOGA C940 apart from other convertible devices is the phenomenal Rotating Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos® Speaker System, making it the perfect laptop for work and play.

Best Place to Buy: Lenovo $899 | £999

5. Apple Fitness+ $9 | £9 (per month)

If you’re an Apple iPhone or iPad owner, and you’ve not already done so, give Apple Fitness+ App a try. Apple is running free 1 month trials in most markets and there is already more than enough content to keep you fit and active whilst you’re bidding the time in a hotel room.

A few of the classes do need equipment, but the majority do not and you can choose from Yoga, HIIT, Core and plenty more. There is no download needed as Fitness+ is an extension to the Fitness App on iOS devices.

Best Place to Buy: Apple $9 | £9 (per month)

6. Riutbag+ $179 | £129

Why not start protecting yourself before you arrive at the hotel for quarantining with the new RiutBag+. This backpack was designed and brought to life during the first wave of lockdowns in Europe and to address the needs of medical professionals who were concerned about ordinary backpacks being carriers of viruses.

The RiutBag+ Secure Backpack has a 20L capacity and is made from a fully waterproof material that is easy to disinfect and wipe clean without the need for putting it in a washing machine. There is room for a 14″ laptop, a water bottle pocket and even has dedicated clips for your face mask and hand sanitiser.

Best Place to Buy: RiutBag $179 | £129

7. Amazon Kindle w/ Front Light $109 | £69

An Amazon Kindle should be on everyones tech survival guide when faced with a 14-day hotel quarantine. And while there are plenty of models to choose from the simple entry-level Amazon Kindle with an adjustable front light is a perfect travel companion, in and out of the hotel.

The Kindle has access to millions of titles meaning there is something for everyone. Prime members get free access to over a thousand eBooks, popular magazines, comics, books with Audible narration. And if reading is too much like hard work, why not try a free Audible trial?

Best Place to Buy: Amazon 9 | £69

8. Honor Watch ES $119 | £60

It’s never been easier, or more important, to monitor our own health and there is currently a wealth of devices available to help us do so. The new Honor Watch ES is an affordable smartwatch and has all the features needed to assist you in monitoring for COVID.

Along with a 24/7 heart rate sensor the Watch ES comes with SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring, which if reports low levels, can be an early sign of the virus. There is also a sleep and stress tracker along with a 10-day battery life! So just one charge for the full length of your hotel quarantine period.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon $119 | £60

9. Headspace from free then pm $5 | £5

Available on both Android and Apple devices, Headspace is a meditation and wellness app that offers a large range of audio classes that help with your mental wellbeing.

There is a monthly or annual plan to choose from however both come with a 7 or 14-day free trial which is why it makes the tech guide and a perfect companion for a hotel quarantine.

Best Place to Buy: Download for free Android | Apple

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