After a year we’d all rather forget, hopefully Xmas will be a time we can all enjoy. And, with some borders still closed, I thought this year I’d look for the best travel gadgets and gifts that will suit those lucky enough to be on the move and those still restricted by local laws.

So with many having been negatively and financially impacted by the COVID pandemic the gift guide this year aims to be budget friendly for most whilst highlighting some of the best travel tech & gadgets as we start 2021!

Best Xmas Gadget Gifts for Travel

1. Nomad Horween Leather Apple Accessories from $69

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The range of Nomad Horween leather accessories for Apple iPhone & Watch is arguable, one of the best pairings of a case and strap combination for the discerning traveller. If you are ‘all-in’ on Apple products, then you can go one further and make it a trio with an AirPods case to match.

All recent iPhones from the XS forward has their own custom case and straps start from the 38mm size casings for the Apple Watch. Finished in either Brown or Black and styled in a Modern or Traditional finish, these accessories will only get better with age.

2. Pocketalk S Translator $299/£249

All four colour options are available on Amazon.

I’m just getting to the end of the review for the Pocketalk S translator, and you can already guess what the outcome is by making this year’s Best Xmas Gadget Gifts list for travel.

At first, the price might seem steep but bear in mind this includes 2 years of Global Data in over 130 countries! It has Wi-Fi, 2-way voice translations and a built-in camera which works brilliantly for translating text on the go. A must-have gadget for the frequent traveller.

3. UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds $29/£29

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I reviewed the UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds earlier in the year, and they are still one of the best budget-friendly True Wireless Stereo Earbuds around. On a full charge, they deliver around 9-hours of playback with a further 18 from the charging case.

And, while on the case, as budget buds go, UGREEN has delivered on one of the most robust and travel-proof USB-C charging cases to own. The HiTune buds are good all-rounders with a sufficient level of CVC noise cancelling to enjoy music and podcasts, while the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity makes pairing easy.

4. Zendure 30W PD SuperHub $99

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More and more travellers are moving from laptops to a “tablet-only” way of life. The new Zendure 30W PD SuperHub could be the best possible pick of the Xmas gifts for any gadget-obsessed travel addict or digital nomad.

Replacing a standard iPad charger with the SuperHub means not only can you charge your tablet at 30W, but you can perform data transfers from other digital devices up to 5gbps. Or, stream 4k video at 60Hz with the HDMI port.

5. Twelve South MacBook Suitcase from $69/£69

Explore all Twelve South Apple accessories.

Twelve South is a brand that’s setting itself apart from others when it comes to a full range of 3rd party accessories for the entire Apple ecosystem of devices. Its new MacBook Suitcase is one of the best ways to protect a MacBook when on the move.

The triple-layer case comprises a water-resistant quilted fabric outer followed by a hard plastic shell underneath and finished internally with a microfibre lining. There is a carry handle, dual zippers and an internal pocket for a charging cable. All 13″ and 16″ MacBooks are supported.

6. USB Trimmer by BALLS CO from £49

Available at Amazon.

If you have a male partner who travels or just one with excessive body hair, then the new Balls CO trimmer and Starter pack are for them. Thanks to USB charging, the Balls trimmer is perfect for travelling with and is suitable for ALL body hair!

The starter kit comes with different sized blade covers and SackSafe technology to go from cactus to kiwi in no time. There’s a lotion and shower gel included in the pack. Even if you don’t purchase the trimmer, a visit to the website is well worth 10 mins of your time

7. Satisfyer Double Joy $35/£35

Shop the full range at Satisfyer.

After an eye-opening meeting during this years IFA event, the team at Satisfyer showed me there are ways for couples to remain close, even when travelling apart. Or, should I say, “there’s an app for that”. Satisfyer has a selection of devices to promote sexual wellness, which is discreetly designed and connect to your smartphone to become internet-enabled. Once set up, your partner and you can remain intimate wherever in the world you both are.

The Double Joy Satisfyer is designed for couples to enjoy individually or when together, charges via USB and is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

8. Planet Buddies Child-Safe Headphones £19

Shop the full range at Planet Buddies.

For the younger traveller or explore in your family, the Planet Buddies Child-Safe Headphones with a volume limiter are a great choice and an excellent way to raise awareness of threatened & endangered animals. Each pair come in fully recyclable packaging and have an eco-friendly hemp travel pouch.

The headphones are finished in 4 different colours representing a different animal. Each earcup has a soft, comfortable cushion with an inline microphone built into the left cup. The audio output has been limited to 85Db, and the headband is fully adjustable and foldable.

9. F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller $30/£29

Buy the F4 Falcon Gaming Controller from your local Amazon Store.

If you know someone who enjoys mobile gaming, why not give them the edge during their next online battle with the F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller. This universal smartphone add-on is compatible with any handset under 10mm in thickness and under 855mm in width, and 170mm in length.

The F4 Falcon folds out and clips over the handset and turns virtual onscreen buttons into physical gaming buttons, similar to those on popular console controllers. Each controller can be configured to suit different playing styles and are compatible with most popular mobile games.

10. K Ring Payment Ring

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This wearable has popped up time and again on {Tech} for Travel, but now in this COVID world, it’s probably more vital than before! The K Ring is a wearable pre-paid credit card that helps to reduce the need/use for cash and makes using ‘contactless payments’ even easier.

You can top it up online and receive notifications on the remaining balance and its usage. There is a wide variety of colour options and a sizing tool to ensure you get the correct fit.

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