The reason so many tech fans enjoy CES every year is for the new and exciting launches and concepts the event dishes up. This year at #CES2021 Razer took the unprecedented global pandemic to task with Project Hazel and made the face mask Smart.

Razer Project Hazel smart face mask from CES 2021. {Tech} for Travel.
Welcome to the new normal future // Image Razer.

Razer Project Hazel Face Mask

Firstly, this is still a concept but, according to the Razer press release, Project Hazel is “…foundational to Razer’s ongoing support and commitment to public health and safety within the community.”

And, with no end in sight for the need and demand, for face masks, I hope this is a concept that makes it to a final product.

Given the technology added here, this Razer concept is more of a respirator than a standard face mask. But, it looks amazing and has some interesting features that keep you safe and tackle one of the main drawbacks of using a face-covering, social interaction.

Cleaner Air

This reusable face mask has comfort and longevity at the heart of its design. It has two active ventilators with built-in Smart Pods that regulate the airflow. These will be rechargeable to reduce waste.

Face mask wearing is in our future. {Tech} for Travel.
Say goodbye to paper masks // Image Razer.

The Smart Pod filter will be up to 95% secure against airborne particles, which Razer states will have a high bacterial
filtration efficiency (BFE)

As it will be manufactured from recycled plastic, the mouth covering area will also be resistant to fluid contamination. The mask has adjustable ear loops and an internal silicon face lining to ensure a secure air-tight fit regardless of your head shape.

This is all well and good but then how are you meant to keep the mask and ventilators clean?

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Smart Mask, Smarter Case

Along with this face mask concept, Razer has designed a smart case as part of Project Hazel. The case will serve two purposes.

UV light box for Razer Project Hazel. {Tech} for Travel.
Wireless charging & UV Light Smart Case // Image Razer.

Firstly, the internal UV light will disinfect the mask and all of the parts, making it safe to wear the next time it is needed. Razer doesn’t go into any further detail on the UV used, but there is currently plenty of debate on how effective some UV light is on the current coronavirus.

Secondly, the case will be a wireless fast charger for the mask as it’s more than just the ventilators that will be using the power.

Lights & a Mic

The show-off part of the Face mask is Razer putting its own stamp on Project Hazel. There’re two customisable RGB light zones which can be configured to suit your own requirements. But it’s not all just for show!

Although the front plastic panel is clear so people can easily see your facial expressions or lip movements when talking, that is only good in daylight. For night use, Razer has installed an interior light.

But, we can all agree listening to anyone who is wearing a face mask is difficult. Razer will tackle this with a built-in microphone inside the mask and a small amplifier outside. They have called this Razer VoiceAmp Technology.

Best face mask for travelling. Best face mask for flying. {Tech} for Travel.
RGB Lights, an amp and a mic // Image Razer.

I really hope this concept finds its way into production. With the R&D of Razer behind it and the world relying on face masks for the foreseeable future, Project Hazel offers a real alternative to the cloth and paper masks many of us use today.

Razer has committed to continue testing and improve on the mask but has not confirmed on a move into production or even a future date, if so.

I just hope they don’t wait too long as Project Hazel wasn’t the only new smart mask at #CES2021.

// Media Razer YouTube Channel.

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