Is Tooyn the Last Apple MacBook Charger You’ll Need?

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Tooyn MacBook Hub & Charger

Although this new hub and charger will work on most other Type-C powered laptops, Tooyn has targeted Apple MacBook users, and rightly so.

MacBook users probably own more dongles and add-ons than most portable Window owners. To assist MacBook customers with this issue Tooyn has created an all-in-one device, with an emphasis on the word ‘All’!

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Tooyn has two different models; the Ultra and the Basic. The later is a standard USB-C with most of the Ultras features but without the power pass-through from a wall outlet.

It’s this that makes the Ultra a real and viable option for travelling MacBook users.

Rather than carrying around a million impractical dongles, we designed the Tooyn Charger. It has everything we need for our Macs.

Whether we’re working or just having fun, the Tooyn Charger has everything we need to bring our laptop to its full potential.Tooyn

Less Bulk, More Charging Options

The Tooyn Ultra charger & hub is designed to replace your stock MacBook charger and give you all the ports Apple says you no longer need.

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Although being slimmer and easier to pack away, it’s worth noting the power output is half of your Apple pack at 30W. But keeping your MacBook charged is just one of the Tooyn’s capabilities.

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Whilst attached to the wall and charging your MacBook the Tooyn can charge most of your other Apple devices.

With the top plate of the hub containing a Wireless Charger, items such as newer iPhones, Watch and even AirPods can be powered up.

Of course, the wireless charging is not limited to Apple products, any Qi-enabled wirelessly charged devices can benefit from the Tooyn.

Tooyn Connects to Everything

I’m certain every MacBook user owns at least one Apple Dongle and while the future is no doubt a wireless one, many devices are not ready for it yet.

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When travelling you want everything you need with you, and all-in-one devices tend to offer the best use of your space.

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The hub provides 6 ports and will take up just one of the USB-C slots on your MacBook. There are 2 x Quick Charging USB-A ports, an HDMI and a USB-C which covers the one lost for plugging in the Tooyn.

There are also 2 memory card slots which promise High-Speed Data Transfer but no numbers are offered as to what this speed is.

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Yes, any Type-C laptop can benefit from the Tooyn Charger & hub but it is clear this device is targetting Apple users.

Just look at the colour options!

  • Ultra Dimensions – 70 x 130.7 x 10.9 mm
  • Weight – 150g
  • Colour Options – Silver | Space Grey | Rose Gold
  • Supports any Type-C Laptop
  • Power Input – 110/220 V | USB-C
  • Power Output – 30W
  • Hub Connections –
    • 2 x USB-A Quick Charge
    • USB-C
    • 4k HDMI
    • SD Card
    • MicroSD Card
How Much Does the Tooyn Charger Cost?

Following on from a very successful crowdfunding campaign, Tooyn has remained on the Indiegogo platform for purchases.

At the time of writing, the Ultra model is £72 and the non-wall charging Basic is £52. Both of these are around 45% off the expected retail price.

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  1. Sounds good but how long before Apple does an update and “Bricks” all this as an “unsupported device” that is my worry.

    • I’d say they tend to target the more ‘cheaper’ accessories. However, look at how many 3rd party apps they just made redundant with the new Sidecar feature!

      At present, there are plenty of non-Apple hubs on the market and the Tooyn has lots to offer over the competition.

    • I’ve not had a chance for a hands-on review as yet, but I do share your concern around the power. However, if it kept me powered during the day and fully charges my MacBook overnight, I would be happy with that.

      I’m more happy to have found someone else who still seeks an ethernet port though. We are the last of a dying breed I’m afraid!

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