In an ever-changing world where greener energy is now a must, Urbanista, the Swedish audio specialists, has just announced its world-first Solar Powered ANC Wireless Headphones, the Los Angeles.

New Urbanista Los Angeles Active Noise Cancelling headphones. {Tech} for Travel.
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Urbanista Los Angeles Wireless Headphones

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You read that right; solar-powered ANC Wireless headphones are now a thing in 2021, and I can’t wait to put these to the test! At first glance, the new Los Angeles is not too dissimilar to the current Miami headphones Urbanista has but for one big difference: the headband.

Urbanista has joined forces with another Swedish company, Exeger, specialising in solar cell technology and converting ALL FORMS OF LIGHT into electrical energy. This means the new Urbanista Los Angeles ANC Headphones are not only solar-powered but can keep going from ambient light.

Could this be the new battleground for the premium over-ear ANC headphone market? After all, this type of headphone many travellers favour due to the comfort and external noise reduction, and now, Urbanista is offering potentially limitless playback!

Powerfoyle™ material in the headband of the new Urbanista headphones. {Tech} for Travel.
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The magic behind the headline is a new material called Powerfoyle™ from Exeger, which they claim, can be manufactured into any design and uses natural or indoor lighting to generate power. How well this new material can perform for travellers is to be seen depending on user habits.

Personally, my headphones go on the moment I leave the house until I arrive at my destination; others may only take them out of the travel case once onboard a flight.

Urbanista is confident that no matter how we use the Los Angeles ANC Wireless headphones, the Powerfoyle™ material will keep us going and has published a guide on charge times.

  • An hour outside on a sunny day equals up to 3 hours of playback
  • 1 hour outside on an overcast/cloudy day will provide up to 2 hours of playback
  • 60 minutes next to a window with natural daylight delivers an hour of power

While there are no such statistics for indoor lighting, Urbanista claims “a well-lit room or office will keep the headphones charging”.

Credit Urbanista YouTube Channel.

Traditional Power

And, if you’re looking at those numbers and think the Los Angeles Solar Powered ANC Headphones don’t have enough to see you through a 12hr+ flight in a dimly lit cabin Urbanista has you covered.

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The new headphones have a 50-hour power reserve thanks to the internal battery, and if all else fails, the Los Angeles can be charged up via a USB-C port.

The performance will vary depending on the mode and volume used though.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

There’s really no point in having a great new feature unless the rest of the headphones aren’t just as groundbreaking, and I’m pleased to say Urbanista has done a great job in ensuring the Los Angeles are up there with Sony and Bose.

Best active noise cancelling headphones for travel 2021. {Tech} for Travel.
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Along with an Ambient Sound mode that will deliver great audio whilst allowing for some external sound, the Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Powered Headphones have an ANC mode.

Urbanista Los Angeles is everything we stand for as a brand in a product. Bringing together innovation, sustainability and all the features you could wish for in a headphone, Urbanista Los Angeles is designed for someone who lives an on the go lifestyle. We are proud to partner with Exeger, and their cutting edge technology, to bring a world first to market.
~ Anders Andreen, Urbanista CEO

Active Noise Cancelling is a must for over-ear headphones when travelling, and these will be the third such pair in the Urbanista catalogue joining the New York and the Miami headphones. Users will be able to switch between the modes with a physical button on the earcup.

Packed Full of Technology

If the unlimited power and wireless ANC isn’t enough to draw you in, a quick look at the spec sheet should do it. The 40mm dynamic drivers delivering that signature Urbanista sound are surrounded by all the features you’d expect on a high-end premium pair of headphones.

Unlimited power in wireless headphones, the solar powered Urbanista headphones. {Tech} for Travel.
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The important point is that the Los Angeles Solar Powered ANC Headphones are compatible with Android and Apple devices, so you’ll get the same Urbanista user experience on either device. There’s support for both Siri and Google Assistant, thanks to the built-in microphone.

Unlike the Apple AirPod Max headphones, which give so much more to Apple owners and a rather elementary experience to Android devices.

The adjustable headband does more than host the Powerfoyle™ material and has On-Ear detection. This means the headphones will automatically pause your audio when you remove them and begin playing again when you put them back on.

Urbanista Active noise cancelling wireless headphones. {Tech} for Travel.
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Urbanista Los Angeles ANC Headphones Specifications

Los Angeles Headphones
Colour OptionsMidnight Black
Driver40mm Dynamic
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery Storage50 Hours
Charging MethodsSolar Power
In the BoxLos Angeles ANC Wireless Headphones
Travel Case
USB-C Charging Cable
Audio Cable
Airline Adapter

Urbanista Los Angeles Pricing

The Urbanista Los Angeles Wireless ANC Solar-powered headphones will be $199/£169/€199 when launched later in 2021.

If you’re interested, Urbanista has set up a mailing list you can sign up to and be among the first to know when the new Los Angeles Headphones go on sale.

Tom Says…

I’m really excited to try the new Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Powered ANC Headphones, as this method for charging is not something we’ve seen on headphones before. They could be perfect for travelling with and at a lovely price, almost half of the market-leading Sony XM4s.

But will the Powerfoyle™ technology work and can the battery really hold on to 50 hours of use? Will there be any overheating?

I expect the Urbanista sound, which I put right up there with the market leaders, will be present, and these world-first headphones could soon become the must-have for frequent travellers.

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