Review: Zendure Powers into the Earbuds Market with New ZenPods

Best True Wireless earphones with ANC for iPhone, Zendure ZenPods. {Tech} for Travel.
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✔️ Loud, clear & bassy sound✘ High gloss finish can scratch
✔️ Effective ANC for travelling✘ Not ideal for very small ears
✔️ Robust case✘ Strong Wind can impact audio
✔️ Long battery Performance
✔️ Stylish & comfortable design

{Tech} for Travel Says…
Hands-On Review: It was only a matter of time before Zendure put its power know-how into the earbuds market and the ZenPods deliver a big bold sound.

A decent first effort as Zendure moves to dominate the Travel Tech market one device at a time!

Zendure ZenPods Earbuds

Zendure is best known to travellers the word over thanks to its wide range of portable power devices.

Whether its Adapters built on GaN technology, Power packs that fit in your pocket yet charge a 16″ MacBook Pro or the near-indestructible SuperCord, travellers and travel is what Zendure does best.

With that said, this is Zendures first attempt into audio and the very busy True Wireless earbuds market.

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At a time when smartphones are beginning to ship without headphones, such as the newly released iPhone 12 models, earbud demand is about to explode.

Most consumers will be looking at the ‘spec v cost’ spectrum which is something Zendure has got right on the ZenPods.

A large 13mm dynamic driver is at the centre of each bud, Active Noise Cancelling, 20+ hours of playback all wrapped up in a stylish and modern design.

Sound Performance

From the moment Zendure asked me to review the ZenPods, my first thought was “how would the earbuds sound?”.

Review: Zendure Powers into the Earbuds Market with New ZenPods. {Tech} for Travel.
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As a first foray into the earbuds market, Zendure has achieved a good mix between a very effective Active Noise Cancelling technology (ANC) and a large 13mm driver.

I mostly used the Zendure ZenPods for Rock music, podcasts and video conferencing during the review. For my music, they were suitably loud without distortion and just the right amount of bass for me.

There may be others though who will want a more bassier sound from their earbuds, though.

Introducing ZenPods, ultralight noise-canceling earbuds with True Wireless Stereo technology, bringing high-quality music and voice into your ears, no matter where you are.

Active noise Cancelling & Modes

This is an area the ZenPods really did excel well in, Active Noise Cancelling. The difference in playback as I switched between the modes, whilst walking up and down a busy congested London road was impressive!

Review of ANC wireless earbuds for Android and iphone. {Tech} for Travel.
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By default, the review ZenPods Zendure sent over, powered up with ANC on which is to be expected on most earbuds.

Changing between modes takes a 3-second continual press on either bud with an audible command confirmed in your ear.

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To improve your voice calls, or commands to a voice assistant, the ZenPods have Environment Noise Cancelling technology (ENC). This worked well under most scenarios, apart from when outside, which I cover below in the design section.

Zendure ZenPods earbuds review. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Up to 22 hours play with the charging case Image Tech for Travel<em><center>
Touch Controls

Often, touch-sensitive controls on wireless earbuds are a bit hit or miss, with the ZenPods, Zenure has really got it right!

They respond to just the right amount of pressure and the controls are easy enough to remember. There is one missing though, Volume!

Once again, volume controls have been left out of the control module, a practice that seems to be happening more and more in the mid-market bracket.

Touch sensitive controls on wireless earbuds. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Great touch sensitive controls Image Zendure<em><center>
Zendure Styling

If the Zendure logo isn’t yet synonymous with travellers for travel tech then its styling and colour palettes should be.

The ZenPods come in either White or a highly polished and reflective Blue which has slight shades of Purple under certain light.

On the outer surface, the earbuds are smooth to the touch with no physical buttons or ports. There is a small LED under the surface on each to show the connection status.

The inner side is, again very smooth, finished in a hard black plastic with just the magnetic connectors showing.

Although the ZenPods are ok in the rain thanks to the IPX5 rating, they are very hard to handle in wet conditions due to the overall smoothness of the buds. There is very little grip when wet.

Long life charging case for the ZenPods. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>High Gloss finish to the charging case Image Tech for Travel<em><center>
Zendure Power

As is the case with the power banks, Zendure ZenPods seem to just keep on going.

Zendure claim 6.5 hours of playback at 50% audio.

Admittedly, I spent plenty of the ZenPods review switching between the various modes but the Zendure power kept these earbuds going. I was easily achieving 7 hours of playback in between charges.

This is where the best of Zendure shone through but also the impact of the first attempt in new tech.

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Design & Charging Case

For a mid-range offering the charging case that comes with the ZenPods, and delivers over 2 full charges, is one of the most robust and well built on the market, for the price.

Yes, the highly polished Blue one will show off scratches over time, but look after it and it’ll last longer than many other brands!

The one problem I came across was in the architecture of how the buds are built. Most of it sits outside of the ear with just the tip inside.

Whenever I was outside on a windy day, the ZenPods picked up the breeze running across the surface and this was amplified in the music playback or whilst on a call.

Best budget anc earbuds for iphone 12. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Budget friendly brilliant ANC performance Image Tech for Travel<em><center>

Zendure ZenPods Specifications

Zendure ZenPods
Earbud Dimensions (mm)32.5 x 20 x 21
Case Dimensions (mm)61.2 x 43 x 28.6
Earbuds Weight (g)4.2
Buds + Case Weight (g)50
Colour OptionsBlue
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
ModesActive Noise Cancelling
Environmental Noise Cancelling
Battery35mAh (Earbud)
300mAh (Case)
Performance6.5 Hours (buds)
15.5 Hours (case)
22 Hours Total
Waterproof RatingIPX5
In the BoxZenPods
Charging Case
USB-C Cable
S, M, L Earcaps

How Much Do the Zendure ZenPods Cost?


// Media Zendure YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

If you manage to purchase the ZenPods during the Indiegogo campaign you’d have got an absolute bargain.

A pair of True Wireless ANC buds with a solid charging case and a big loud sound for under $100!

Even at full retail, they’re a feature-packed offering at a very reasonable price point, and with the user experience similar on both Android and Apple, I’m sure they will become a popular choice.

And, as we see a movement away from headphones being included with new smartphones and the decline in the audio jack, True Wireless ANC earbuds are the future.

If Zendure can just tweak the architecture of the earbuds so the wind doesn’t become as audible when out and about, as I experienced during the review, the ZenPods will be a great allrounder for travellers everywhere.

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Zendure ZenPods FAQ

How much are the Zendure ZenPod Earbuds?

The RRP is $119 or £92.

Does the Zendure ZenPods have Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)?


What colours does the Zendure ZenPods come in?

White or Blue.

How long does the Zendure ZenPods last on a single charge?

6.5 hours and the charging case holds a further 15 hours of power, enough to recharge the ZenPods twice.

Are the Zendure ZenPods Waterproof?

The ZenPods are IPX5 rated, which means they are sweat-proof and ok to use in the rain.

What do the Zendure ZenPods weight with the case?

The earbuds and case weight 50g.

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