Weekly Round-Up: Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.


Readers Eye


What better way to start the 2018 Readers Eye Section than with one of my favorite places on the planet; Lake Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand.  Submitted by Ciara from blognewsweekly.com, a magazine blog with a travel section that gets updated every Sunday.

“I picked this photo as I think it’s pretty striking. I lived in Lake Tekapo, South Island in New Zealand for a few years and there are many fantastic photo opportunities there. The glacier particles make the water a beautiful aqua colour and the snow-capped mountains are a stunning sight to see.

Lake Tekapo is a tiny village in the Centre of the South Island. It is very remote and has a tiny stone church with panoramic views. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site as it is the best place to see the stars in the Southern Hemisphere. Mount Johns observatory is a wonderful place to stargaze at night. A must-see stop in NZ. Lake Tekapo doesn’t disappoint.” ~ Ciara.


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In Other News

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