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News: Google Maps will Predict Your Commute

A new update for Google Maps promises to improve your daily commute!
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APP: Google Maps add Wheelchair Accessible Routes to their App

Everyone, and I mean everyone should have Google Maps installed on their smartphone! For travellers it is the single best app you can use...
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APP: Google Maps provide Turn by Turn Directions to Lock Screen & More.

  I will always cover updates to Google products, as their suite of Apps are the best "all rounder" range for any type of traveller. There...
a cell phone with a map

APP: More Google Maps Goodness

  More fine tuning on the Google Maps app for Android sees a welcome update that will help travellers in a new city!   One Touch Everyday...
a logo of a google maps app

APP: Google Maps, now with added uber!

Google have fast become my go to company for their multitude of travel apps, both mobile and desktop.  From the easy to use Flights...
Maps App on smartphone.

Google Adds COVID-19 Layer to Popular Maps App

In its latest update to one of the best all-round travel apps out there, Google has added a COVID-19 layer to both iOS and Android Maps app.
google maps navigation

Google Live View for Maps Moves into Beta

Google Maps takes another step towards being every traveller's best app with Live View. An AR visual on your device to guide you along your route.
a man sitting in a chair with his feet up looking at an airplane

News: Google to Close Trips App

Google has announced they will close their Trips App. All functions will be served by other Google services, or will feature in their new Travel portal.
Best Travel Gadgets 2023

Upgrade Your Travel Game: The Latest and 12 Best Travel Gadgets to Make Your...

A guide to the best travel gadgets, luggage and apps for 2023. Whether for business or pleasure, this list has something for every traveller.
Motorola Anniversary sale

Free Bose QC Earbuds in the Motorola Anniversary Sale

The Motorola Anniversary Sale runs for only five days, with substantial savings on selected devices and a pair of Free Bose QuietComfort Earbuds ll on others.
Best Smart Glasses for Travelling 2023

Best Smart Glasses for Travelling in 2023

Google tried to dominate it, and Apple is rumoured to be ready to launch a pair, but until then, this is our 2023 list of Best Smart Glasses for Travelling.
App in the Air Lock Screen Widget

Travel gets Easier with App in the Air Lock Screen Widget on iOS 16...

The new App in the Air Lock Screen Widget for iOS 16 is now available and gives you even more need-to-know travel information.
a pair of sunglasses on a step

News: Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Wearable Bluetooth speakers inside stylish shades! The new Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses are an alternative to headphones and support Bose AR for travellers.
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The Best Travel Gadgets for 2019

Are you looking for the best travel gadgets of 2019? {Tech} for Travel has built the definitive guide for the connected traveller.