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Review: Brussels Airport App

I know most of us never spend a considerable amount of time in any one  airport (other than maybe our home one) to justify downloading an app.  But this is 2018 and technology can improve our travels, and the Brussels Airport App does just that!

Log on screen for Brussels Airport App.
On first use the app needs some basic access Image Tech for Travel


The best way to make the most use of the app is to download and provide your flight details ahead of your departure from home.  It’s purpose is to enhance your passenger experience as you move through the airport and in your journey to and from.

I found the process simple and the app had no trouble locating my flight details.  I did run the review the day of my flight but throughout the lead up to boarding the app was accurate and timely with its notifications about changes, boarding and gate closing.

Set up screen for Brussels Airport App.
Set up is easy and helps you on your way Image Tech for Travel

If it’s your first time using the airport, the app is especially useful in helping you find out where you need to go for check-in or drop off your luggage.  The airport is not huge when compared to others, but after some extensive refurbishment, there is plenty to distract you, and the app is a useful tool to have.

But first, you need to get to the airport, and the App can help with that too!  Under ‘Information’ in the menu you will find ‘To & From Brussels Airport’.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to much from this feature but it was very good indeed and easily the most important factor for those needing to get back to the airport when time is a factor.

Navigation to the airport with the Brussels Airport App.
Use the app to arrive with plenty of time before your flight Image Tech for Travel

Now, I always use Google Maps when I travel for this kind of information, but the apps navigation section is powered by GoMobile and proved just as accurate.  You are given an option of driving or public transport and most of us would need the latter.

After giving the app my starting location it quickly calculated my best route to the airport using the closest available public transport.  Admittedly, with my hotel on the same road as one of the main train stations that go directly to the airport, that was maybe not the best example to use!  But it matched Google and that gives me trust in the tool!

Navigating the airport shops with the app.
Navigating the airport and the app is a breeze Image Tech for Travel

Once at the airport and checked in, the app doesn’t stop there!  You’ll find a directory of all the shops and restaurants airside, a detailed card on each one including operating house and a map on how to reach one from your current location.


  • App Size – Android 15MB / Apple 24.9MB
  • Languages Supported – English, Dutch, French, Simplified Chinese

How much Does the Brussels Airport App Cost?

The Brussels Airport App is free to download from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Brussels Aiport notifications.
Instant notifications are worth turning on Image Tech for Travel

Unless you commute through Brussels Airport on a very regular basis you’ll most likely only install it when needed, and that’s fine.  This app brings plenty of value to any traveller passing through Brussels Airport.

It’s clear the backend system to track flights works well and updates in real-time to keep you informed, and with GoMobile guiding you to the airport, you’ll have no excuse to miss your flight!

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