CES 2020 Travel Gadget News – Eureka Park Special

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CES 2020 Travel Gadget News – Day 2

It’s the start of a new year and therefore time for the consumer tech world to head out to Las Vegas. CES 2020 runs from 7th until 10th Jan and {Tech} for Travel is here to dig out all the travel gadget related news and launches.

On the second day of CES, I always attend Eureka Park. This is an area dedicated to start-ups and although the stands are not as big and breathtaking as the established brands, the tech often can be!

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Mymanu CLIK S

A clear trend in headphones and earbuds is to be truly wireless, but a British company called Mymanu has gone one further with the function of its buds. Live translation of over 37 languages.

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On the surface, the Mymanu CLIK S is a pair of everyday buds designed for life on the go.

But give them a tap and they transform into an in-ear real-time language translator. There is a bespoke accompanying smartphone app and a charging case.

The Mymanu CLIK S earbuds had just been announced with a price of £200 and are expected to begin shipping in Feb 2020.

I will be running a more in-depth article on these shortly.

Divacore Antipods2

Divacore AntiPods2 launched at CES 2020 news. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.wpengine.com

I have covered Divacore once before during the 2018 IFA event in Berlin. Then they had just announced its Nomad Range.

This year Divacore used CES 2020 to announce the upgrade to its Antipod earbuds.

The new AntiPods2 have a new design that appeared to be much more ergonomically improved.

A total redesign has been given to the included charging case. It’s now much more robust and provides a better charge for a longer playback time.

I will be running a full in-depth news article on the new Divacore Antipods2 in the coming weeks.

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