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CES is the world’s biggest annual technology show, held every January in Las Vegas. This article on the Scosche PowerVolt Charger is part of our CES 2024 News coverage of the event.

The event runs from the 9th to the 12th of January, with media-only exhibits in the days leading up to the main conference.
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Scosche at CES

Scosche Industries, a renowned leader in consumer technology and car audio products, is showcasing some innovative offerings here at CES in Las Vegas.

This event is a hub for cutting-edge technology, where Scosche is displaying its expertise in wireless charging and car accessories. Known for being a top brand in North America for mounts, FM transmitters, and wall chargers, Scosche’s is using CES 2024 to launch several devices, including some that support the new Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard.

This standard promises more efficient charging through precise device placement and magnetic hold, showcasing Scosche’s commitment to advancing wireless charging technology.

a cell phone charging on a table. Scosche powerVolt CES 2024 News. {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfor travel.co.uk
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Scosche PowerVolt Charger

The PowerVault Wall Charger by Scosche represents a significant leap in charging technology. Utilising Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, it offers a cooler, more efficient, and safer charging experience. This innovation is crucial for modern travellers who rely on multiple devices.

The PowerVault chargers come in various power options, catering to everything from smartphones to laptops. Their design incorporates 75% Certified Post Consumer Recycled Plastics, reflecting Scosche’s dedication to sustainability.

The inclusion of folding prongs makes these chargers exceptionally travel-friendly, allowing users to pack them easily without compromising on power or efficiency. This blend of eco-friendliness, efficiency, and portability makes the PowerVault a must-have for tech-savvy travellers.

a cell phone charging with a cord. Scosche Cobra Cable. CES 2024 News.  {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Credit Scosche

Scosche StrikeLine Charge & Sync Cables

At CES, Scosche is debuting two new additions: the StrikeLine USB4 High-Performance cable and the StrikeLine Cobra magnetic cable. The StrikeLine USB4 represents the pinnacle of cable technology, offering high-speed data transfer and charging capabilities.

This makes it ideal for travellers who need to sync and charge their devices quickly.

The StrikeLine Cobra, on the other hand, is a game-changer with built-in magnets in the braided jacket. This unique feature allows the cable to coil neatly, ensuring a tidy workspace and easy portability.

It can even attach to magnetic surfaces or coil on itself to serve as a makeshift phone mount.

The Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard, the PowerVault Wall Charger, and the StrikeLine cables are prime examples of how technology can enhance the travel experience. These products offer practical solutions and incorporate sustainable practices and sleek designs, aligning with the needs of contemporary travellers.

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