IFA 2018 Round-Up: Divacore Nomad Range


IFA 2018 has come to an end, but during the week we saw some huge product launches and amazing new tech!  Although the big focus this year was on 8k televisions and Smart Homes, the Travel Tech market had some very impressive and important new devices.

IFA Berlin Entrance 2018.
IFA Entrance 2018

Divacore Nomad Range

Truly wireless headphones are taking the market by storm, and with many smartphone manufacturers slowly moving away from the traditional headphone port, it is easy to see why!  When it comes to earbuds though, some brands tend to keep a cable between the buds but remain wireless to the device.

Divacore are no strangers to totally wireless earbuds, having last year released the AntiPods.  This year they used IFA to release their newest product range, the Nomad!

Nomad and Nomad+ earbuds ifa 2018
NomadNomad+ released during IFA 2018

There are two types of earbuds in the new range; the Nomad and Nomad+.  Both are identical in terms of performance, but the Nomad+ comes in a larger, more practical case.

With completely wireless earbuds, it is often this case that’s used to charge them in-between use.  The Nomad has only a small 420mAh battery, enough to charge just the earbuds.

The Nomad+ however has a much larger 5,000mAh power pack concealed within the case.  So not only can you charge the earbuds, but your smart phone too!  When fully charged the Nomad earbuds can provide 4 hours of playback.

Other useful features include an Outdoor Sports Mode which enables you to hear more of your surroundings without detracting from your playback.  There is also the newest connectivity in Bluetooth 5.0 which should ensure a better wireless connection to your smart phone.

Nomad White in hand IFA 2018
Soft rubber tips and small form factor ensure a comfortable fit

One of the many advantages of attending events such as #IFA and #CES is the opportunity to meet newer start-up brands.  Their products are often very good but lack the marketing power of the bigger names to get their device/s seen.

Ahead of #IFA2018 I was contacted by La French Tech who work with Start-up brands from France to assist them in gaining exposure and promoting themselves.

La French Tech at IFA 2018.
France had a strong turn out of new businesses and devices at IFA2018

Divacore are a French brand that started in 2011 and aims to be the premium brand for French audio devices.  They already have a large selection of Earbuds, Headphones and Speakers on divacore.com.

“Developed in France in 2011 by music enthusiasts, Divacore aims to enhance your life through combining music, emotion and energy.

Recipient of multiple awards and acclaimed by International Press, Divacore strives to establish a new standard of excellence within the audio industry.

Divacore: Excellence, French Design & Easy to Use” ~ Divacore

How Much is the Divacore Nomad Range?

The Nomad will go on sale at €99 and the Nomad+ at €119.   Both are due to be released in October on divacore.com.

Connect with Divacore

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  1. These look really great! I like to use earbuds when I work out, but I’m always knocking out because I hit the wire. No more wire means no more getting pulled out, right?

  2. Oh they look great! My son is after some new earbuds, I reckon he would love these! I will have to bear them in mind for xmas!

  3. I can’t get into the wireless ear buds…they always fall out and I’m terrified I’ll lose one! I like my wireless headphones that have a cord in between and clip to the back of my shirt.

  4. They look really great something different. I am in love with these buds. But the problem is that they always fall. We need to insert deeply so that they can’t fall.

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