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During my Indiegogo special in 2017, I ran a week-long series highlighting the best travel-related tech and luggage.  The first item in that series was the ClickPack Pro, from Korin Design.  A security-focused anti-theft backpack with plenty of storage and a rather eye-pleasing design that raised nearly $1.7m in funding!

This week, Korin Design have launched their latest crowdfunding adventure with a set of luggage that looks superb!


FlexPack Series

This time around, Korin have launched a two bag range consisting of a Backpack, the Pro, and a very unique duffle, the Go.  Both are labelled as functional anti-theft luggage but Korin have replaced the anti-slash fabric from their previous bag, and instead opted for a polyester/pvc mix. And the result are two stunningly designed and beautifully crafted pieces of luggage!


FlexPack Go

The Go is a duffle bag with a party trick! With its single zip system, the Go can collapse from a 36l functional Duffle bag down to a flat packed case, four times smaller than its full form!  Giving you the choice to use it as you travel, or pack it away in your main luggage and use it when you arrive.

There are two rubber handles and a detachable shoulder strap for carrying, both of which don’t distract from the very minimalistic feel of the bag.  The only other features to the exterior are the TSA zipper padlock and retractable locking coil for additional security, and a built-in USB Port.


Although the Go doesn’t come with one, you can install your own power pack.  There’s an internal pocket to store it and a USB cable running from the pocket to the ports on the outside, for on the go charging. A nice touch is the inclusion of a micro-USB port above the standard USB-A port.  With the micro-USB on the outside you can charge your power pack without having to remove it from the bag!


Along with a power pack pocket, the interior has elasticated straps for securing belongings, a removable storage compartment and another pocket for storing smaller items.

FlexPack Go Specifications

  • Dimensions – 51 x 26 x 26cm
  • Weight – 1038g
  • Capacity – 36l
  • Water-Resistant
  • Colour Option – Dark Gray


FlexPack Pro

Completing the set is the Pro, a very sleek-looking backpack that conceals plenty of great design features to keep your kit organised.

Possibly my favorite idea here is the water bottle pouch.  With most packs this pouch runs from the base to the top, so you often need to be double jointed, or remove your pack, to lift the bottle out.

With the Pro not only is the pouch insulated but it runs parallel to the base from side to side; making it easy to remove your bottle without removing your pack!


Placing the pouch this way does take away from the internal storage but if you are considering buying a Pro, it will not be to travel with a packed backpack, at 18l of capacity, it’s for your digital life and essential belongings.

The exterior shares the styling of the duffle and has a single rubber lifting handle at the top to mimic the main carry handles from the Go.  There’s also the same security features with a TSA locking system for the zip, a retractable steel coil and no easily accessible zips when being worn.

Inside there’s sleeves for both laptop and tablets both secured with an elasticated strap, which is finished with the Korin green icons.  The previous ClickPack Pro had these on nearly all pockets and it worked really well.  Sometimes it’s the small features that can make the biggest impact!


Due to the no access approach to the exterior design there are no smaller item pockets that some backpacks have on the front.  Korin have incorporated these pockets to the inside walls of the Pro, and when not in-use, zip away flat.  One of these ‘flap’ pockets has space for your power pack and has the same charging system as the Go duffle.

FlexPack Pro Specifications

  • Dimensions – 34 x 18 x 47cm
  • Weight – 1653g
  • Capacity – 18l
  • Water-Resistant
  • Colour Option – Dark Gray
  • Up to 15.6″ Laptop & 10″ Tablet 


FlexPack Series Prices

The FlexPack Go Duffle will retail at $218.  While the Kickstarter campaign is running you can purchase it for considerably less.  At time of going to press the cheapest option was $119.

The FlexPack Pro backpack will retail at $198.  Again during the Kickstarter campaign there are deals to be had with the current cheapest option at $99.

Both bags are now live on the Korin Design Kickstarter page.

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FlexPack Series Launch Video

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