Nomad Goods Memorial Day Sale

The Nomad Goods Memorial Day Sale is on if your gadgets need an upgrade or want to get your travelling Dad something, with Father’s Day just a couple of weeks away.

And the good news is the entire range is included.

Most of the line-up is suitable for any device. However, earlier this year, Nomad topped my Best Brands for Apple Devices list thanks to its wide range of iPhone cases, Watch Straps and AirPod cases that all complement each other perfectly.

Or, now would be a great time to go wireless with the recently launched, and reviewed, Base One Wireless charger.

Nomad Goods Memorial Day sale. {Tech} for Travel.
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Alternatively, at the moment Nomad is going through a period of new product launches, including the new Sports Slim Band for Watch, a dual USB-C 65W AC Adapter for iPhone & iPad or, if you’d like to keep Nomad at home, the exceptionally beautiful Base One Max.

If you don’t take up the offer this weekend, check out the free Apple device Wallpaper section on the Nomad website for a cheap and easy way to give your iPhone, iPad and Mac and new look.

Where & When

To take advantage of this sale, visit and purchase $50 or more. At check out, use code MEMORIAL15, and you’ll get $15 off your cart.

The Nomad Goods Memorial Day sale is running this weekend only at

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