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Power your Tech World with the New Zendure SuperTank Pro

If you're a frequent traveller that relies on an array of different chargers, then maybe the new Zendure SuperTank Pro is for you.

Review: Zendure Passport 2 Pro – The Most Complete Adapter Available...

Hands-On Review: Zendure has really upped the game on the Passport 2 Pro. This is no longer just a travel adapter but an all-in-one global power plug.

Zendure MIX GO Promises a 2 in 1 Power Charger for...

Cutting back on the gadgets when we travel is not always a bad thing. Zendure hopes to achieve this with its new MIX GO Power Bank and Charger.

BentoStack PowerHub Case – Apple Owners New Best Friend?

BentoStack PowerHub Case Function 101, the brand behind the original...

Is Tooyn the Last Apple MacBook Charger You’ll Need?

Tooyn has developed an all-in-one charger & hub to replace the standard Apple MacBook charger and give users back the ports they need when travelling.

News: Zendure Passport GO Travel Adapter

The new Zendure Passport GO Travel Adapter is the company's third. The GO has GAN technology to deliver up to 30W of power via USB-C PD.

News: LIFEPOWR 3 Port Car Charger

Staying connected during road trips is now easier thanks to the LIFEPOWR 3 Port Car Charger, with up to 60W USB-C Power delivery.

News: Zendure SuperTank Power Bank

It's big, it's hugely powerful, and it can keep you going for a whole week! The new Zendure SuperTank has launched!

News: NexX Swift One USB-C Power Bank

Staying connected is all about having power, and the new Swift One has plenty!

News: Zendure Passport Pro

As they begin their 4th crowdfunding campaign, Zendure are back with a big upgrade to 2017's very successful Passport Classic Travel Adapter.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

A selection of the best gifts and travel gadgets for Dad this Father's Day.

News: BentoStack for Apple Accessories

Luggage Preview: The Bento Stack. A storage solution for all of your Apple accessories.

News: Zendure X6 Power Bank

During CES 2018 I spent some time with Tom Haflinger, Founder of Zendure.  The stand had several of their devices that I wanted to...

Review: CHJGD Ultra Compact 10,000mAh

The following review is part of the Back to Business special. Charged Power Ultra Compact Power For me, Charged Power or CHJGD, are a breath of...