After mixed reviews on the originals, Bose went back to the drawing board, listened to its customer’s feedback and fixed the faults to deliver the new SleepBuds 2.

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Bose Sleepbuds 2

It’s fair to say Sleepbuds didn’t have the usual Bose fanfare when they were first introduced back in 2017. They started out as a US-only device crowdfunded on Indiegogo. Then, once on general sale, concerns over the battery and charging performance led to mixed reviews and ultimately Bose discontinuing them in 2019.

At the time Bose accepted the original Sleepbuds were not up to the high standard users expected of the brand and put a press memo out to say so. It went on to state they would take time to review user feedback and come back with a better product.

So what’s changed and what makes the next generation any different to the first?

Sleepbuds 2 Features

Despite a near-identical appearance to the original buds the improved Sleepbuds 2, Bose promises, provided a much more snug and comfortable fit. Which can only be a good thing as you’re expected to sleep with them for 8 hours.

Each bud weighs in at just 2g, and the new proprietary ear tips are made from a super-soft rubber to ensure the user will hardly notice them when being worn. As with the original Sleepbuds, this generation sits inside of the ear and therefore doesn’t cause any discomfort when sleeping on your side.

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There has been plenty of focus on battery performance. Bose now state the Sleepbuds will deliver a full 10 hours from a single charge whereas the previous model had 2 full nights of use. Yes, 10 hours is less but at least Bose can deliver on this, now.

Most importantly, there’s been an increase in the content library that Sleepbuds 2 can access from the Bose Sleep app (Android | Apple).

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Improved Power & Case

To power the Sleepbuds 2, Bose has used nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery technology. It’s this technology in each bud that can now confidently deliver 10 hours of use between each charge.

And, whilst this may seem a downgrade in terms of headline numbers for some, the rather stunning looking charging case makes a return with the Sleepbuds 2. And, with a power boost!

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Built from anodized aluminium the charging case now provides a further 3 charges or 30 hours of use. That means a full 40 hours of power before being plugged in at the wall!

No Music, Just Sleep

For the price, and brand name, some may think, they are purchasing a pair of ANC earbuds designed to be worn at night and play music during the day. That is not what the Sleepbuds do.

Music streaming doesn’t work. Whilst they can be worn at any time you wish, the Bose Sleepbuds are designed and built to aid in a better nights sleep. Even the controls have been left of the device.

The free to download Bose Sleep App takes care of this for you including volume control, alarms, and access to the all-new sound content.

Sleepbuds 2 uses Noise Masking technology which doesn’t block the noise out completely. Although the tips are designed to greatly reduce the amount of sound that reaches your ear, they neutralise it more than block it.

The App includes the Bose Sound Library which contains all the content broken down into 3 categories.

Soothing Sounds

There are over 50 sounds in the categories, and Bose has promised this will be added to via app updates in the coming months.

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Tranquilities is a selection of sounds that are designed to give peace and reassurance to the mind whilst you are falling asleep and help you stay asleep for the entire night.

Then there’s Naturescapes and this category is probably the most common for sleep support and sleep apps. Bose claims that the “Soothing sounds from nature and beyond transport you to comforting spaces so sleep comes easily all night long”.

Finally, if supportive sounds are not what you need then Noise Masking might be the category for you. This selection of sounds are much more subtly and gentle and allows the tech inside the Sleepbuds to remove those unwanted sounds rather than overwhelm you with other sounds.

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The next-generation Bose Sleepbuds™ II are so much more than an upgrade—they reimagine how we experience sleep. Straight from the minds and thoughts of the loyal users who, for the first time, enjoyed a good night’s sleep and have awaited our return.


Bose Sleepbuds 2 Specifications

Sleepbuds 2
Sleepbuds Dimensions25 x 28 x 13mm (each)
Sleepbuds Weight2.3g (each)
Case Dimensions77 x 77 27mm
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Sound TechnologyNoise Masking
Noise Blocking
Sleepbuds Battery Life10 Hours
Charging Case Battery Life30 Hours
ControlsApp only
ModesNoise Masking
In the BoxSleepbuds 2
Charging Case
1m USB-C Cable
3 Sizes Eartips

Bose Sleepbuds 2 Price

The Sleepbuds 2 are priced at $249 in North America and £229 in the United Kingdom, both direct from Bose.

UK buyers could benefit by shopping on Amazon where, at the time of being published, the Sleepbuds 2 were retailing at £206.

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Tom Says…

For a pair of earbuds that don’t play music, podcasts, support a voice assistant or take calls, the Bose Sleepbuds 2 certainly demand a high price. However, if you are a frequent traveller who struggles to get a good nights sleep at each new hotel you check into these could be the solution, or part of it.

Fortunately, I can sleep just about anywhere and can count my really bad nights sleep at hotels on one hand, but I recall how bad I felt on each of those trips. I’d hate to think about how someone who must travel often and struggles to sleep well, copes.

Bose should be commended for how it approached the SleepBuds 2. Once it was clear the first-gen model had issues Bose quickly discontinued the device and made it public on why it did so and committing to fixing the issues and coming back with a better device.

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