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Best Travel Tech Deals: GEGO Global Luggage Tracker 2 for 1

Best Travel Tech Deals Black Friday 2021: GEGO Global Luggage Tracker 2 for 1 Offer
How to protect your carry-on case.

Review: GEGO Luggage Tracker – A Travellers New Insurance Policy

If you're a frequent traveller, even just with a Carry-On, GEGO Global Luggage Tracker is a must. It saved my luggage twice during the review!
CES 2023 News AirBolt GPS Tracker review.

CES 2023 News: AirBolt GPS Tracker – Your Luggage’s Best Friend

CES 2023 News: AirBolt GPS Tracker goes beyond Bluetooth devices to provide a much more accurate location for lost luggage in over 50 countries using LTE.
Black Friday Special

Daily Travel Tech Deals: Ultimate Black Friday Special Travel Gadgets, Luggage & Apps

Black Friday Special edition with some of the biggest savings and deals on travel gadgets, luggage and apps for the connected traveller.
NOVI Smart Luggage

News: NOVI Smart Luggage Range

The new range of Smart Luggage by NOVI weighs itself, finds itself when lost and keeps your belongings safe behind a biometric fingerprint reader.
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News: Xplora Go Tracker

After conquering the {Tech} for Travel Best Travel Gadget guide for 2019, My XPLORA are back with the Go. A multi-function GPS tracker.
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News: GEGO Universal Tracker

I always recommended LugLoc when asked about Luggage trackers. But their new device, the GEGO is a step up!
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News: LynQ Location Tracker

A look at the LynQ, a new location tracking device that does not rely on SIM connected Cell networks!
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News: iTraq Nano GPS Tracker

The Nano looks to be iTraqs best offering to date! With so much packed into such a small device and so much more to offer than just tracking your luggage, if you are often a solo traveller this could be a must have device!
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News: New G-RO Luggage Range

Hot on the heels of the groundbreaking G-RO Carry-On bag, the team behind the big wheel are back!  Now, they have a selection of...
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Review: MYNT Smart Tracker

The following review is part of the Back to Business special. MYNT Smart Tracker The bluetooth tracker world is a crowded one.  All the brands are...
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Back to Business Special 2017 – Top 10 Gadgets & Luggage for Business Travellers

Now the summer holidays are over, the kids are back to school and there's only a few months until Xmas; work related travel continues...
Away Black Friday 2023

Black Friday 2023: Away Sale Event Includes Every Case

Black Friday 2023: The Away Sale Event has launched with 20% off its entire site.
Black Friday 2023 Horizn Studios Sale

Black Friday 2023: Enjoy up to 50% off Horizn Studios

Black Friday 2023: Horizn Studios is one of the few premium luggage brands that consistently offer tempting sales periods, and this year has up to 50% off.