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News: LIFEPOWR 3 Port Car Charger

Staying connected during road trips is now easier thanks to the LIFEPOWR 3 Port Car Charger, with up to 60W USB-C Power delivery.

News: XD Design Bobby Tech Backpack

XD Design Bobby Tech Backpack With their iconic styling, security conscious design and desire to pack as many features in as possible, XD Design are back with two...

News: Zendure SuperTank Power Bank

It's big, it's hugely powerful, and it can keep you going for a whole week! The new Zendure SuperTank has launched!

News: NexX Swift One USB-C Power Bank

Staying connected is all about having power, and the new Swift One has plenty!

News: Lenovo USB-C Laptop Power Bank

With more of us being connected than ever before, brands are helping us do so with new power solutions.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

A selection of the best gifts and travel gadgets for Dad this Father's Day.

News: Incase ProConnected Roller Case

A look at the new ProConnected Roller Smart Luggage from Incase, designed for the Connected Traveller.

News: Zendure X6 Power Bank

During CES 2018 I spent some time with Tom Haflinger, Founder of Zendure.  The stand had several of their devices that I wanted to...

Review: CHJGD Ultra Compact 10,000mAh

The following review is part of the Back to Business special. Charged Power Ultra Compact Power For me, Charged Power or CHJGD, are a breath of...

News: Movpak – The Personal Transportation Backpack.

I'm sure most would disagree with me on this being a fully fledged piece of luggage, and I wouldn't argue that.  Yet, as the...

News: BioLite FirePit – The Outdoor Tech Team Go Big!

I first wrote about BioLite, and their 1st Gen CampStove, just over a year ago.  Since then they are getting more and more publicity,...

News: Cinch – The World’s Ultimate Pop-Up Tent!

  After my recent preview on how to power your campsite, it is only fitting that I help you find the Ultimate Tent to fill...

News: BioLite BLXL Solar Kit

  The problem with BioLite for me is.... Every time they launch a new product or package, I want to cancel my plans, grab some...

News: Zendure Passport – The Last Global Travel Adapter You’ll Ever...

  My biggest bugbear of international travel is having the correct power adapter or worse still, arriving in a country to discover you have brought the...